First Finance Institute

FIRST FINANCE INSTITUTE (FFI) is the certification and online learning division of FIRST FINANCE Group, founded 20 years ago.

FFI Provides foundational and advanced level certifications in finance, endorsed by renowned executives, financial institutions and prestigious Universities around the world. Our certifications cover all aspects of Capital Markets and Corporate Finance and are happy Characterized by Their comprehensive and hands-on expertise.


A word from the Chairman

For the past 5 years, professionals of the financial sector have been living in the aftermath of the financial crisis and coping with an increasingly stringent regulatory environment. As a consequence, it is more and more challenging to succeed in the financial industry. Students are struggling to get a job, executives to earn a promotion and employers to identify the best professionals mastering up to date market practices able to perform in this environment.

Now it’s your turn! Stay competitive, stand out from the crowd and prove you have the right skills with the FIRST FINANCE INSTITUTE certificates.

As an experienced training company in Finance we have designed market driven solutions in Capital Market and Corporate Finance endorsed by leading investment banks and top-ranked universities.
Our certificates assess strong foundations of real-world finance, are focused on operational skills rather than theoretical knowledge and give the best accurate market practices.

So, join our 60,000 people community and boost your career with the FIRST FINANCE INSTITUTE!

Eric Chardoillet

Objectives and targeted population

The FIRST FINANCE INSTITUTE offers certifications covering all aspects of Capital Markets (organization, macroeconomics, products, valuation, risks and operation) and Corporate Finance.

  • Promote skills in finance through internationally recognized certificates
  • Give HR professionals a truly operational tool for employee talent management
  • Enable consistent development of core skills across an entire global organization

Depending on the chosen certificate, various populations and clients can be targeted:

Capital markets:

  • Investment banks
  • Private banks
  • Investment managers
  • Consulting firms
  • IT services

Corporate finance:

  • Investment banks (Financial analysis, ECM, DCM, M&A, LBO, Private Equity)
  • Consulting firms
  • Accountants
  • Business Lawyers
  • Corporate Finance divisions