What is FIRST FINANCE Institute?
FIRST FINANCE Institute  (founded in 2012) is a new education and training company specializing in online learning and financial certification. We were spun out of FIRST FINANCE Training & Consulting, a leading provider of Learning & Development solutions to financial institutions around the world.

What Certificates does FIRST FINANCE Institute offer?
We currently offer 3 certification tracks: International Certificate in Corporate Finance (ICCF), Certificate in Capital Markets Foundation (CMF) and Certificate in Capital Markets Operations (CMO).

What is included in these Certificate Tracks?

  • 25 hours of e-learning course material
  • 400-page comprehensive textbook
  • 250 practice questions
  • 2 hour exam
  • Results analysis

What is the cost per certification?
$400 per certification track (including all the study materials and testing fee)*

Can I get reimbursed for my examination and program fees ?
Yes. Please check with your HR Department or University to see if you are available.

Who should take these certifications?
Whether you are a student looking for a first job, a professional looking to get recognized for your knowledge, a career-changer or just someone interested in finance- these tracks can help.  Getting hired and climbing the corporate ladder has never been more complex and these certifications can be your solution.

What is covered on the exam portion of the certifications?
Each exam is 100 questions, multiple-choice and broken down into 3 levels (Basic, Fundamental, Advanced).  Specifically, the CMF offers a benchmark of mandatory knowledge in financial markets: market participants, asset classes, cash, derivatives, structured products, and fundamentals of financial mathematics.  The ICCF assesses fundamental knowledge in corporate finance: financial analysis, investors and markets, capital structure policies, financial management. The CMO validates fundamental knowledge in capital market operations: organization of markets, trade processing, securities, derivatives on exchanges & OTC markets, P&L, and risks.

Is it Pass/Fail ?
No. We have employed a scoring model similar to the GMAT or TOEFL exams where scores are equated on 200-800 scale.

Are the questions randomized?
Yes. We have a large data bank of questions randomly populated  on each test to prevent cheating.

Where do I take the exam ?
We have partnered with Pearson Vue the world’s preeminent testing company to offer tests on a global basis.

How often are the examinations offered?
They are offered five days a week all year round through a network of Pearson Professional Testing Centers. Some centers offer evening hours for testing. See Examination Scheduling and Procedures section for more information.

How do I schedule my examination appointment?
How can I find the nearest Pearson Professional Center?
On FIRST FINANCE Institute’s page of the Pearson VUE website (Guillaume), click on the button called “Locate a Test Center”.  Select country and then city or zipcode you are looking for – a list of closest Pearson Test Centers will come up.

Do you provide special accomodation on the test ?
Test takers with documented disabilities may qualify for accommodations, which may include the following:

  • Additional time
  • Additional of extended rest breaks
  • Allowance of a medical device in the testing rooms
  • A reader who can read the test items to the test taker and record test taker’s responses
  • Enlarged font on the PC Monitor
  • If you have a documented disability and would like to register for one of the FIRST FINANCE Institute certificates please email us at accomodation@ff-institute.org for follow-up
  • Accomodation requests must be made two weeks in advance of your selcted test date

Can employers use the certification program as an assessment tool?
Yes, many employers are using these programs to gage the knowledge level of their employees. For example 1) a commercial bank trying to increase it’s knowledge of Corporate Finance may use the ICCF track, or 2) a financial product sales manager may use the CMF to determine a group’s baseline understanding of capital markets (through CMF).

Why is this program less expensive that some other financial certifications?
We believe that being able to prove your financial knowledge should not just be determined by your ability to pay thousands of dollars of several years. Instead, we believe in providing a high quality program that is accessible while also meaningful in proving what you know.

Who designed the certificate programs?
We leverage our instructional design capability, having trained more than 60,000 financial professionals over the past 17 years.  The test creators have extensive hands-on knowledge through years of working in financial institutions in leadership capacities.

Can I retake the exam.
Yes, you can take the exam as many times as you like.

What is the cost to retake the exam?