hiring process

How to utilize FFI Certificates in your hiring process of external candidates

We all know how hard it is to differentiate between all those resumés out there. FFI Certificates will provide you with an entire new set of data points to help you better determine who you should interview.


Leverage the test results of internal hiring decisions

Not sure which candidates to hire or which employees to promote? Let FFI help! Ask candidates whether they have certificates in the area you are hiring for and compare results.


Identify high performers for lateral transfers

We all know that the internal transfers can be some of the best (and least expensive) hires. The problem is how to identify their knowledge and interest level in other areas of the business? FFI will allow you to see those team members with the willingness and competencies to move laterally.


Take your L&D Programme to the next level

In the US alone, more than 2 million employees leave their firms each month (according to the bureau of labor statistics). As you know all of this leaving can be expensive as Gethired.com estimates the replacement costs of one exiting employee to be in the range of $3,000-$18,000. So what can you do to prevent this exit? Recognition of course! Study after study reveals the importance of recognition in retaining employees. Leverage FF Institute to support your top employees continuing education. As a result you will retain your best talent by giving them the recognition they value. As the business environment stabilizes, you don’t want to lose your top talents!